A comparison of the Messenger, Message, & Mission
of the Qur’an & the Bible

About The author

Dr. Gauss has been writing for publication since 1961.  He is the author of hundreds of newspaper articles and columns; numerous magazine and trade publication articles and various university extension publications. 

In 1965 he earned his B.S. degree "With Distinction" from the University of Delaware.  In 1968 he graduated from Rutgers-The State University with a Ph.D. in Vegetable Crops culture and physiology.

In 1968 he accepted a position at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center/Ohio State University as a vegetable crops researcher.  After a spiritual awakening, he entered into volunteer service for a Christian organization in the deep south, researching and implementing small plot farming for low income rural residents in the early 1970s.

He later worked as the Lead Horticulturalist for the Chicago Botanic Garden during its development phase and for the University of Illinois Extension's inaugural Urban Gardening Program in Chicago.

During the late 1980s and through the end of 1999, he served as a seasonal landscape horticultural consultant for landscape companies, landscape architects, land developers, property management firms and residential estates in Minnesota.  During the same period he and his wife developed a successful financial services and investment advisory business.

In 1994, he and several others established a local Habitat for Humanity affiliate where he served as the founding President and Chairman of the Board.  He later served as the Executive Director of the same affiliate.  Under his leadership the affiliate experienced considerable growth and home building accomplishments.

A thorough and precise researcher, his first book was published in 1998.  Since then he has written and published over 15 books, the vast majority on Christian themes and spiritual insights. 

He has been a featured guest on many regional radio and television programs, including satellite TV.    

Understanding Islam in the Light of Christianity is the result of years of dedicated research and personal experience.  The end product reveals insightful comparisons of Islam and Christianity not found in similar works.