A comparison of the Messenger, Message, & Mission
of the Qur’an & the Bible

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Preface by Pastor Reza Safa.


1. Understanding the Origin of Islam. 

The World Islamic Population. 

 The Origin of Islam.  

 Satanic Verses—The Islamic Challenge.

Muhammad’s Night Journey to the Seven Heavens.

The Hijra or Flight to Medina.

Chapter Conclusion.

2. The Bible vs. the Qur’an. 

Biblical Contrasts and Islamic Abrogation.  

The Qur’an in Light of the Bible. 

One God vs. The Triune God. 

The Coming of Jesus Christ Foretold. 

The Death and Crucifixion of Christ. 

Witnesses to Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection.  

Chapter Conclusion.

Addendum: Comparison of the Bible & Qur’an.

3. Israel and the Middle East.

Will There Ever be Peace in the Middle East? 

Allah says that Palestine is for the Jews.

The Origin of Palestine and the Palestinians.  

Chapter Conclusion.

4. Deceptions & Lies of Islamic, Christian & Political Leaders  

Deception #1: Allah is Just Another Name for Jehovah God.  

Deception #2: Islam is an Abrahamic Faith Like Judaism and Christianity.

Deception #3: Jews, Christians and Muslims Pray to the Same God. 

Deception #4: Islam is a Religion of Peace.  

Deception #5: Islam is a Religion of Tolerance. 

Deception #6: Islamic Terrorism & Terrorists Do Not Represent True Islam. 

Deception #7: True Islam has been Hijacked and can be Reformed.

Deception #8: There are Moderate Muslims. 

Chapter Conclusion.


5. Muhammad vs. Prophets of the Bible. 

The Nature of a Prophet.

True Prophets Know the Voice of God. 

The Changeable Allah vs. Unchangeable God.  

Old Testament Prophesies About Jesus. 

Does the Bible Prophesy About Muhammad’s Coming?  

True Prophets Know Their History. 

How the Qur’an Contradicts the Bible.  

  Was Muhammad the Last Prophet?

Signs of a False Prophet.

Chapter Conclusion.

6. Prince of Peace vs. Warrior Prophet. 

 What the Qur’an Says About Peace. 

God of Peace and the Prince of Peace.  

Peace—A Gift from God. 

The Gospel of Peace. 

False Prophets of Peace. 

Peace Denied to the Wicked

Parting Words. 

Chapter Conclusion.

Addendum 1: Islamic Attacks Worldwide Since September 11, 2001.

Addendum 2: List of Islamic Attacks on U.S. Embassies.

Addendum 3: Names for God in the Bible.

Addendum 4: Names for Jesus Christ in the Bible.

7. The Duplicity of Faith. 

The Five Pillars of Islam. 

The Righteous Man.   

How Evil Works.

The Beatitudes.

Islam does not Teach the Ten Commandments.  

At Enmity with Women. 

Multiple Wives.   


Honor Killings.  

Adultery (Biblical vs. Qur’anic Mandates). 

Slavery (American vs. Islamic History).


Unspeakable Acts. 

Taqiyya: Lying & Deceit.   

Chapter Conclusion. 

Addendum: The Messenger Comparison (Chapters 5-7).


8. God of Love vs. Allah of Hate. 

What Allah Does Not Love.

God is Love. 

 God’s Love Covenant.  

 God’s Love is Everlasting. 

Those Who Hate Christians and Jews, Hate God.

Chapter Conclusion.

9. A Personal vs. an Indifferent God. 

God said: “This is My Son.”  

 Children of the Living God.  

 Children are NOT a Blessing to Allah. 

Allah’s Followers Have No Purpose. 

The God Who Is There.  

Chapter Conclusion 

10. Preaching Another Gospel. 

The Nature of Sin is Obscured.  

 Jesus’ Sin Offering is Null & Void.  

There is no Holy Spirit. 

 The Light of the Gospel vs. the Darkness of the Qur’an. 

Allah has no Compassion. 

 No Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Islam. 

 Sins Cannot be Remitted or Forgiven in Islam.  

Allah is a Jew Hater.

 Allah’s Grace Does Not Exist for the Muslim. 

Muhammad Reversed of God’s Plan of Salvation.   

Oppression Replaces Freedom of Choice in Islam. 

Heaven is a Perverted Place for Muslims.  

Chapter Conclusion.

Addendum: 70/72 Major Sins of Islam.

The Message Comparison (Chapters 8-10).


11. A Sacrificial Life vs. Islamic Martyrdom. 

A Sacrificial Life. 

Persecution and Martyrdom. 

The World of the Jihadist. 

The Alternate Christian Response.   

 Chapter Conclusion.

Addendum: The Koran’s 164 Jihad Verses.

12. Proselytizing. 

Proselytize Through Love & Service.

Who are the Sheep and Goats? 

The “Great Commission.” 

Muhammad’s Method. 

Chapter Conclusion.

13. Treatment of Non-believers. 

The Hatred of the Jews and Unbelievers. 

 Slavery (American vs. Islamic History). 

 Praising the Killer of an Infidel. 

 No One Leaves Islam.  

 Good Samaritan.  

Chapter Conclusion.

The Mission Comparison (Chapters 11-13). 


14. The World on Fire. 

Islamic Birth Rate. 

Christians at Risk.

Mass Migration.  

Let the Terror Begin.

Rise of Anti-Semitism in Europe.

The Advent of Shari’a in the West.

The European Solution.

An Unholy Alliance.  

The Game Plan.

Chapter Conclusion.

15. Islam in America. 

Ominous Signs?  

The Rise of Anti-Semitism in America.

The Growth of the Anti-Christian Movement in America. 

Islamophobia—Islam’s Diversionary Tactic.

Hate Speech in U.S. Mosques. 

America’s Home Grown Islamic Terrorists. 

Uncontrolled Immigration—the Gateway to Islamic Terror

Islam in American Government.

Islam in America’s Churches. 

Teaching Islam in America’s Schools & Universities.  

Chapter Conclusion.

16. A Clarion Call to Action.

The 21st Century Challenge for the Church.   

Shout it from the Roof Tops.  

 Spirit of Truth/Rays of Hope.   

Not Flesh and Blood. 

The Time is NOW!  

Using the Qur’an to Witness.  

 One Minute Witness. 

Chapter Conclusion. 

Postscript: Dealing With America’s Sin and Culture of Death.

Addendum A: Islamic History (a Chronology).

Addendum B: Arabic Words & Phrases Defined.

Addendum C: The Sinner’s Path to Salvation.

Addendum D: Resources on Islam.

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