A comparison of the Messenger, Message, & Mission
of the Qur’an & the Bible

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How does the "Abridged Version" differ from the Compendium?

  • The AV is physically smaller, 6" x 9" vs. the Compendium at 8.5" x 11"
  • The AV is 415pp vs. 480pp for the Compendium.
  • The AV is in a slightly smaller font size (10) than the Compendium at 11.
  • The AV is a 180,000 words less.
  • The AV has a much shorter Contents & Introduction.
  • The AV is void of the many images, maps, charts and Addendums that are in the   Compendium.
  • In the AV the lengthy 14th Chapter, The World on Fire, is omitted.
  • The AV interior is in B/W, while the Compendium is in full color. 
  • In the AV, certain text in long chapters was omitted for brevity.
  • In the AV, the last Chapter, A Clarion Call to Action, was unfortunately reduced by necessity.

The bottom line: The AV (also available as an e-book) is for those wanting to have a better understanding of Islam & Christianity without the more lengthy, larger book.  The Compendium is for the serious student who wants the perfect resource.  It is ideal for pastors and church leaders, educators (high school, homeschooling parents, colleges & universities and seminaries), missionaries, Muslim outreach ministries, politicians, government officials, community leaders, law enforcement and justice departments and all those who desire to reach Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



Your book is the finest and most thorough analysis I have ever seen of the teachings of the Quran in comparison to the Bible. It is a treasure trove of biblical truth, theological insight, and practical application. 

My granddaughter is using it in her Global Studies class on Islam this very semester. I think a college-level text book version would be very helpful. 


Dr. Ed Hindson
Founding Dean | Distinguished Professor of Religion
John W. Rawlings School of Divinity

Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA